Privacy Policy

To conform with the California Online Protection Privacy Act of 2003 (CalOPPA), you should know that no personally identifiable information is collected on this site, beyond that necessary in the case of actual purchases here. This site does not use cookies, and only information that you provide by, for example, posting as a comment or in response to a blog will be retained here. Nothing is shared with third parties, WITH THE EXCEPTION of payment handling parties, e.g. Paypal or Amazon payments, who have their own privacy policies which are beyond the scope or control of (you can click on their names to see their respective policies). When you click to pay with those sites you are temporarily taken to their SECURE sites!  This site does not retain any of that payment information aside from necessary personal data regarding shipment address, possible contact phone numbers and email address, NONE of which is SHARED with any other party.

With regards to DNT (do not track) signals from your browser, well, this site is not tracking ANY browser so that issue is moot.

Online privacy is extremely important even if it is so often treated casually throughout the web, so please feel secure about that when using this site.

If you have further questions about this issue, please contact me!
For more about online privacy, particularly as applied to California, please look at the official state website on the subject.